Karni Mata Mandir (Rat Temple)

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Entrance to Karni Mata Temple
Karni Mata
The holy rats
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Rajasthan is filled with surprises and one such is this temple located about 30 km from Bikaner at the town of Deshnoke. It is dedicated to Karni Mata, a female Hindu warrior sage and the official deity of the royal families of Bikaner and Jodhpur. This temple is home to amazing architecture, beautiful design, serene environment, and rats. Yes, rats and that’s what makes it so special. Visit the temple for divine blessings and if up to it then feed some of the thousands of holy rats. Try and seek out the few remaining white rats amongst the grey, which is an incarnation of the goddess herself and shows itself only to a lucky few. Find a guide or a helpful priest to listen to the hundreds on stories around the presence of the rats and how the dead ones are replaced by silver replicas. See the magnificent silver dome in the center and acknowledge the art work of the Rajputana kings. Visit the temple at 0400 Hours to catch the Mangal Arti. The temple also organizes two fairs in the holy Navratri weeks in March / April and before Dussehra. Folk artists and artisans display their skills and wares during this period, so it is a perfect time to buy a keepsake from this temple. 

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By Car: The town of Deshnoke is 30 km south-east from Bikaner

By Public Transport: Deshnoke is connected to Bikaner via train and bus connections. 300 m from Railway Station

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The temple is very busy during the weeks of Navaratri in March / April and a week before Dussehra. 

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