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Dive into your next adventure by exploring destinations from our eclectic collection. Discover locations and experiences that create the most amazing memories. Nourish yourself by enjoying the best local cuisine. Find compatible guides, groups, and local experts to enrich your vacation. Use naoota to plan your entire vacation and receive information about your travels on your fingertips.

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine, And Let Thy Medicine Be Food. Hippocrates

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At naaota we believe that a satisfying meal is one of life’s greatest joys. We want your travel to nourish your body and soul. Find establishments that cater to your taste and cuisine, be it fine dining or a hole in the wall, find the right place to take a break and fill your stomach with local delicacies.

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Life was meant for great adventures and close friends

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Sharing an experience with another person, amplifies one's experience. Whether you’re exploring a new city or doing an outdoor activity, your experience becomes more intense when done with a group of like-minded people. Create your own Group or join others to find the right folks to get local tips, hidden gems and get off the beaten track.

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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer


Are you the person who like to plan their trips to the last detail or are you the person who likes to go with the flow? Whatever be the case, use naoota to list your flights and car rentals, earmark the places to visit, the food to experience and a place to crash after a hard of adventure. Our itinerary will sync with your calendar to provide up to date information.

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Interlaken Package

Checkout our 5 days customized package for Interlaken Area. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Thun and Brienz lakes.

Hidden Gems

Discover Hidden waterfalls and lakes - not so well known amongst tourists and kept hidden by local tourist offices

Bollywood in Swiss

Find your favorite Bollywood film locations in Switzerland. Live you dream... bollywood style

Family Trips

The best trips for families with children. Indoor and Outdoor activities.... suitable for all ages and groups


Activities to pump your adrenaline. Choose from our list of Seil-parks, Via-Ferrata, Toboganning... and many more...

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If you are travelling to Switzerland and not sure where and how to travel, contact us and we will help you customize your itinerary

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Want to create your own package? Make your own plan and select single or multi-day packages from our catalog.

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