Bannalpsee Wolfenschiessen

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Bannalpsee Lake Niedwalden
Pastures on Bannalpsee Lake
Bannalpsee Lake Wolfenschiessen Niedwalden
Bannalpsee Lake Wolfenschiessen Niedwalden
The Route Description

This place is idyllic and is situated on the Bannalp, which is in a side valley of the Engelberg valley, this is a perfect location for hikers, family outings and leaving behind the frenetic city life. Located at 1586 Meters, this is a paradise for nature lovers and those who love a quiet holiday. The mountain lake is easily accessible by aerial cableway from Fellboden. When you visit the area, you will be treated with well knitted and well-maintained footpaths pass which pass directly through the amazing magnificent, rare alpine flora to numerous destinations. There are two gondola options to reach Bannalpsee, Fell – Chrüzhütte Bannalp route which operates every 30 minutes and is open in winters as well. The other is the Bannalpsee which takes only 8 minutes but is open only in summers. Reach the place using the road with some picturesque views from Luzern or make use of the brilliant Swiss public transport system, which would take slightly longer. The hike around the lake is a great thing to do as it’s a short 15 min walk from Chrüzhütte down to the lake however be careful as the trail is a little narrow and slightly rocky at places. Sit on the mountain side or near the lake and set up day camp or just sit for a picnic lunch to absorb the beauty. You would not be able to leave the place without taking innumerable pictures.

Getting Here Description

By car: Drive to Fellboden and park near the gondola

By Public Transport: Train till Wolfenschiessen, then bus till Fellboden

Gondola: The Bannalpsee gondola operations only during summer, the Chrüzhütte gonodola operates the round the year

Many options for hikers from going around the lake to hiking on Route number 88 from Chrüzhütte back to Fellboden or Walenalp and then to Engelberg.

Literature Description

Wikipedia - Bannalpsee

Summer Hiking Routes

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Equipments Description

Hiking shoes, walking sticks, sun protection, water, and a bite to eat.

In summer be wary of the cows on the pastures. If they are blocking the path, then go around.

It is also a good idea to get a tick protection during summer.

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