Bachalpsee Grindelwald

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Bachalpsee Panorama
Bachalpsee Pastures
Bachalpsee Grindelwald
Bachalpsee Grindelwald
The Route Description

Remember the childhood art we did when we drew pointed triangles as mountains and a lake at the center, well the art was inspired from this lake. Located at about a one hour walk from Grindelwald-First gondola station this picturesque place is magical. Visit the place if you are a hiking enthusiast then the fresh air will fill you with happiness and the blue water of the lake is perfect to watch from the height of the nearby mountains. Located at the height of nearly 2500 Mtrs. It is surrounded by green pastures, and you will spot the famous Swiss cows grazing here. The nearby surrounding snowcapped mountains offer the chill and the blue-sky replicates in the clear waters of this lake. To reach here the cable car ride from Grindelwald to First is a treat. Carry your picnic kit and enjoy the marvelous views as you sit here with family. In summer months you can try swimming here but that’s not recommended without assistance or spotter. The place has no restaurants or cafes thus carry your own food. If you are a flower and flora enthusiast, then you would be treated here with some amazing varieties of high-altitude plants and flowers that add to the beauty of the mountain sides.

Getting Here Description

By Foot: Start from the First (pronounced Fee-erst) gonodla station. The lake is just over 3 kms away, which makes up for a 6KM round trip. The route is part of the Eiger Ultra Trail

Equipments Description

Good hiking shoes and protection from the alpine sun. Rain protection if it's a wet day. Carry water and a bite to eat.

Be wary of the cows, they tend to get agressive espcially when calves are around.

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6 km
3 hrs
132 m
31 m
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