Raj Mandir Cinema

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Raj Mandir Cinema
Raj Mandir Hall
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For all the movie buffs out there, a trip to Jaipur is not complete without a visit to the Raj Mandir Cinema. This is one of the last and oldest single screen theatre in the city. It is the top spot for many films houses to screen their premiers. The cinema house is a historical destination for Bollywood and regional cinema lovers. The exterior architecture is an art-deco marvel, while the interior is a lavish spectacle of mirrors, carpets, and lights. Located right next to the landmark of “Panch Batti” this cinema is a center of attraction especially when Bollywood film stars come here to open a film and if you are lucky then you might be able to catch a glimpse of them as well. An integral part of any Bollywood movie is the interval, so take that break and stroll in the inner halls and enjoy a snack from the canteen. The cinema is in the heart of the famous M I Road, which is a perfect destination for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and houses all international food chains for a sumptuous lunch or dinner post a movie at this grand old cinema.

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By Car: Located on M I Road, there's parking available in front of the cinema

By Public Transport: Nearest bus stop is "Panch Batti" 

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Wikipedia - Raj Mandir Cinema

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The air-conditioning is powerful inside the cinema so dress properly. 

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